Charter Documents and Reports

Charter Document
Live Oak is a tuition free public charter school.  Live Oak is governed by its own local school community through its own independent board, rather than our chartering district. This arrangements allows for greater program innovation, oversight and responsiveness for our students, teachers, and families.

The foundation document of our school is the Charter.  The Charter document outlines the mission, pedagogy, and methods we use to meet educational needs of our children, and satisfy both state and local mandates.  The Charter is renewed every 5 years with our chartering agency, Petaluma City Schools. The charter is attached below.  

Student Accountability Report Cards are annual reports presented by all Public School in California.  The SARC is drawn from local and state data sources to summarize the school's performance over the previous year.

Ċ Board Resolution 20130416 EPA.pdf
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Ċ Board Resolution Prop 30 Public Document 2013-12-12.pdf
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Ċ Live Oak Charter 2009-06-01.pdf
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Ċ SARC 2011-2012 Revised.pdf
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Ċ SARC report 2010-11.pdf
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