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Independent Study

There are times when a student must miss school because of family obligations, long-term illness, or educational travel opportunities.  On these occasions, teachers can provide an independent assignments plan to guide learning and study while the student is absent from class. We encourage families to schedule trips during school vacations and not to take lightly that the child will miss important lessons and shared experiences with their class during their absence.  When absence is unavoidable there is Independent Study, which supports both your child and our school. 

Families may arrange for an Independent Study plan in advance of absences to allow student to continue their participation in class work while they are away.  Independent Study Request forms and other information is located on our website.  For absences, please provide 3 or more days of advance notice to your teacher and the office to allow time to prepare your child’s Independent Study assignment. With proper documentation received in advance of the absence, Independent Study may still be conducted. 

 Required Documentation

Two Documents are required for completion of the Independent Study:

      Independent Study Agreement Form:  Outlines the dates of absences and the requirements for successfully completing the Independent Study.  This form is due in the office, signed by the parent, 3 days before the start of the absence.

      Independent Study Assignment Plan:  Upon receipt of the Agreement Form, the office or faculty will provide an appropriate Independent Study Assignment Plan.  This plan describes the required assignments and projects for the student to complete during their absence.  This form, along with the completed work, is due to the teacher upon return from the absence.

Independent Study Process

      Parents must complete an Independent Study Agreement Form with signature from parent & student.  The form may be submitted via electronic or physical means prior to the start of the Independent Study period, at least 3 days before the absence begins.

      Staff provides an Independent Study Assignment Plan for the family.

      The Student conducts Independent Study according to the plan.

      Upon return to school, completed Independent Study work is turned into the teacher.

      Work may be accepted up to 3 days after the return from absence.

      The teacher evaluates the work.  

      Office staff verifies satisfaction of requirements for the relevant attendance cycle.

Muriel Bertucci,
Aug 28, 2017, 3:56 PM