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Independent Study

Independent Study Planned in Advance

There are times when students will be held out of school for planned trips or appointments. In such cases, contact your teacher five or more days in advance to arrange for Independent Study.

Independent Study Due to Illness

Parents of children who are ill should not generally be concerned about class work. However, some childhood illnesses keep children at home while a contagious illness runs its course, and yet the child is capable of academic work.  In such cases, the student would benefit from independent study to keep up their academic rhythm with the class.  In the event of short term illnesses, please contact the office before the start of school to arrange for Independent Study for a suitable number of days.

Required Forms:

  • Independent Study Agreement Form
    • When a parent wishes for a child to conduct Independent Study, the Independent Study Agreement Form must be filled and filed in the office.  The Independent Study form is linked below.
  • Independent Study Assignment Plan (grid)
    • Upon receipt of the agreement form, the office or faculty will provide an appropriate Independent Study Assignment Plan (grid) to the family.  The Grid will be sent to you upon receipt of the independent study form.

Independent Study Process:

  1. Parents must complete an Independent Study Agreement Form with signature from parent & student.  The form may be submit via electronic or physical means prior to the start of the independent study period, preferably 5 days before the absence begins. 
  2. Staff will provide an Independent Study Assignment Plan (grid) to the family.
  3. Student conducts independent study according to the plan.
  4. When student returns completed independent study work is turned into the teacher.
  5. The teacher evaluates the work.  Office staff verifies satisfaction of requirements for the relevant attendance cycle.
Muriel Bertucci,
Mar 7, 2014, 4:31 PM