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We are accepting 2019-2020 Enrollment Lottery Applications

Prospective Parents should attend a campus tour and our enrollment events as these are designed to introduce families to our curriculum and school culture.
It is important that families understand the commitment and support that our school requires both of our students and our parents.

Kindergarten Program

Live Oak Charter School encourages children to be ready for the social and academic expectations of first grade by allowing adequate time in Kindergarten. 

We have a two-year and a one-year Kindergarten Program. 

One-Year Program

Children who are born between 6/1/13 - 9/1/14 may attend our one-year kindergarten program. 

Two-Year Program

Children who are born between 9/2/14-1/15/15 may attend our two-year kindergarten program.                                                                                                  Children whose 5th birthday falls between Sept 2 - Dec 2 have top priority in the two-year kindergarten. 

Children with birthdays between Dec 3 - Jan 15 may attend only if there is availability.

Admissions Priorities

Live Oak Charter School admits students according to the following Admission Priorities established by the Live Oak Board of Directors and authorized by the Petaluma City Schools District:

1.  Students currently enrolled in Live Oak Charter

2.  Siblings of enrolled students

3.  Children of the School staff

4.  Children residing in the "McDowell Elementary School” Attendance Area (2 proofs of residency status are required)

5.  Children residing in the “Petaluma City Schools” District (2 proofs of residency status are required)

6.   All other California Residents (including other Petaluma vicinity school districts)

Enrollment Process

1.     Your completed Enrollment Lottery Application must be returned to the School Office by 4:00 PM on Friday, March 1, 2019

2.     If there are any subsequent requests for additional information, please comply in a timely manner

       Failure to do so may delay the admission’s process and disqualify you from enrollment

3.     You will be notified in writing of your provisional acceptance the week of March 11, 2019 and you will have one (1) week to accept the provisional placement

4.     Once provisional acceptance has occurred you will receive a packet of enrollment documents to be completed and returned to the school office within (14) fourteen days to secure enrollment

5.     In consideration of other students, if during the enrollment process you decide not to enroll your child, please notify the school office immediately

6.     During the summer you will receive information about Class Gatherings and Campus Work Days and see how you can help prepare your class and the campus for the new school year.  Additionally you will receive information about our voluntary, tax-deductible Parent Pledge Program that helps fund the Live Oak educational program

Campus Tours
Please contact our School Secretary to arrange a Campus Tour at (707) 762-9020.

Non Discrimination Admission Policy
As a public charter school committed to diversity and community health, Live Oak does not discriminate in its admission of students on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, or economic status.

If you have questions during the application and admission process, please do not hesitate to contact the Enrollment Coordinator at (707) 762-9020

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