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Campus Improvement Project 2012

We have an incredible amount of work to do over the summer of 2012.  Please take a look at the task list at the bottom of the page, then come back here to sign up for volunteer dates.  Weekend work parties need many hands to complete some of the tasks, during weekdays, smaller groups and individuals can complete some of the tasks.

If you're available weekdays, please sign up on this form and then call ahead letting us know the day of the week you will be coming in.  We will have a task ready for you when you arrive.  The office is open 9-4 daily over the summer.


July 14 - July 15  (A2 Tasks)
Old Garden Remove chain link fence, recycle metal
Old Garden Recycle/reuse wood
Old Garden Remove garden bed frames
Restroom BW     Replace Ceiling tiles
Restroom BW Thoroughly clean and scrub walls and floor
Restroom BE Replace Ceiling tiles
Restroom BE Remove existing stalls
Restroom BE Thoroughly clean and scrub walls and floor
Restroom GE Thoroughly clean and scrub walls and floor
Restroom GW    Replace Ceiling tiles
Restroom GW    Install locking handle on Water heater door
Restroom GW    Clean out of all long term storage items
Restroom GW Thoroughly clean and scrub walls and floor
Restroom GW    Remove shelving
New Garden Remove existing chain link fence
New Garden Remove juniper bushes
New Garden Move balance beam to Play-Garden
New Garden Remove railroad ties
Old Garden Empty metal garden shed
Play Garden Remove juniper bushes
Play Garden Remove railroad ties
Middle School Remove trees along fence-line
Middle School Move Chicken Coop
Middle School Remove fencing next to 3rd grade

July 16 - July 20  (B1 Tasks)
New Garden Dig post-holes for fence
New Garden Import and spread new garden soil
New Garden Level area near Library
New Garden Remove top 4 inches of gravel
New Garden Rototill soil into existing
Play Garden Prepare area for sandbox
Play Garden Remove top layer of gravel
Play Garden Move woodworking benches to grove area
Play Garden Import and spread new mulch in select areas
Play Garden      Import and spread new topsoil

July 21 - July 22  (B2 Tasks)
Restroom BW Paint walls latex semi gloss lt sage
Restroom BE Paint transition strip
Restroom GW Paint walls latex semi gloss lt sage
New Garden Remove metal rails at base of kinder stairs
New Garden Build fence, route rails
New Garden Set posts (concrete)
New Garden Import and spread Mulch
Middle School Remove fence to midpoint of 3rd grade wall
Middle School Remove shed at rear of middle courtyard
Middle School Move ball shed to 3rd grade wall
Middle School Move tool shed to rear of ball wall

July 21 - July 22  (C1 Tasks)
Middle School Remove concrete piers in middle courtyard
Campus Mulch Borders
Campus Move Equipment/Furniture in Classrooms

July 23 - July 29  (C2 Tasks)
New Garden Build gate near ball wall
New Garden Plant border plants on outside of fenceline
Old Garden Dismantle metal shed, dispose or recycle
Old Garden Rosemary bush moved out of path
Old Garden Dispose of worn/damaged equipment and materials
Old Garden Move compost bins to side of kinder near fence
Old Garden Trees to be moved if possible
Play Garden Move shed from lower campus
Rosemary K     Move 8th and 7th to Temporary Storage
Sunflower K Move 8th and 7th to Temporary Storage
Middle School Remove concrete piers in middle courtyard

July 30 - Aug 3  (D1 Tasks)
Rosemary K Install Kitchen Cabinets
Rosemary K Install Washing Sink
Sunflower K Modify counter in Sunflower

Aug 4 - Aug 5  (D2 Tasks)
Restroom BE Install replacement stalls
Restroom GW Stall installation
Old Garden Sculpt beds to soften transition to back field
Play Garden Backfill gravel around perimeter of sandbox
Play Garden Cut and Install Drainage pipe for Hobbit Homes
Play Garden Install bumpers
Play Garden Berm earth at base and over top of pipes
Play Garden Install Sandbox retaining wall block and caps
Play Ground     Grade retaining wall gravel base
Play Ground Install block
Play Ground Mastick wall capstones

Aug 6 - Aug 10  (E1 Tasks)
Play Garden      Place Sand
Rosemary      Paint Interior
Sunflower      Paint interior

Aug 11 - Aug 12  (E2 Tasks)
Restroom GE Install wall mount trash cans in stalls
Library Court Build Chicken Enclosure
Play Garden     Plant trees and landscape shrubs
Play Garden Seed areas for grass
Play Garden      Construct lightweight cover for sandbox
Rosemary K Arrange furnishings
Sunflower K Arrange furnishings
Middle School Arrange furnishings
Play Ground Assemble swing
Play Ground Install swing in concrete
Play Ground Install Mulch

Aug 11 - Aug 12  (F1/2 Tasks)
Campus         Mulch all borders
Campus            Clean and arrange all classrooms
Campus            Touch up Pain
Play Garden      Cover Sandbox Gazebo with temporary shade
Play Garden      Install shade canopy (wrought iron gazebo)
Play Garden      Plant vining thornless rose for Sandbox Gazebo
Play Garden      Install concrete/stone/steel Water trough
Play Garden      Install hand water pump
Play Ground      Assemble & place dome
Play Ground      Install chain and swings
Play Ground      Move pay structure from lower campus
Oak Grove        Lay Paving for Woodworking
Oak Grove     Prepare Gravel/Sand Underlayment
Oak Grove Grade Oak Grove Area for Pavers