Community Giving

For many years, Waldorf education was locked in the private school domain with tuitions exceeding $17,000 a year, beyond the reach of many middle and working class families. Over the last decade, many pioneering parents, familiar with the benefits of Waldorf curriculum, sought access to Waldorf education through the charter movement. As parents living in Sonoma County, we are the beneficiaries of the hard work and planning these early public Waldorf parents and educators invested. 

Live Oak is a public Waldorf charter school, funded in part by state, federal, and local funds. Though LOCS is grateful for the resources provided by public agencies, these funds are not enough on their own to fund a complete Waldorf program. The expense of providing a Waldorf inspired program is not currently met by the $6,300 per student that public funding provides. Live Oak’s current expenses are more than $7,500 per student. We make up this gap in state and federal funding through the generosity and commitment of our Live Oak community; in particular through our Pledge Program and community fundraising efforts conducted by Friends of Live Oak, our supporting foundation.  Live Oak relies upon its community of families and supporters to maintain its rich Waldorf inspired educational program through community giving, grants, and capital campaigns.

For more information on the Friends of Live Oak Charter Foundation, please visit the FOLOCS website here.

Though state funded schools have suffered deep cuts in recent years, Live Oak has been able to maintain its programs because our families are so committed to assuring their child’s receives the best education possible. The Live Oak community has organized volunteer and financial support to fill the pieces missing from state funding. It is through this community effort that Live Oak Charter continues to provide a rich Waldorf program.

The rich educational program at Live Oak is only possible through the generosity of our community.