Faculty and Staff

Our Faculty bring a diversity of skills and experience to their work at Live Oak.  All teachers are trained in Waldorf and California teacher credentialing programs.  Our teachers have taught in private Waldorf and mainstream public settings.  Our Staff uses its broad experience and wisdom when developing our academic programs, organizational structures, curriculum articulation, and student instruction.  Live Oak is always seeking professional and dynamic staff to join our team.  Please visit our Employment page for current openings.  


Matthew Morgan, Executive Director

Kim Anderson, Office Manager

Julie Beckner, School Secretary

Muriel BertucciAdministrative Assistant

Messages for Faculty & Staff can be left with the School Office at 707-762-9020.

Class Teachers & Assistants

Rosemary Kindergarten
Rebecca River-Teague, Teacher
Alicia Torre, Assistant

Sunflower Kindergarten
Mary Alice Reis, Teacher
Lori Christopher, Assistant

First Grade
Lois Wildgrube, Teacher
Corryn Degelabert, Assistant

Second Grade
Tamara Lemesh, Teacher
Bobbie Smith, Assistant

Third Grade
Amy Ross, Teacher
Teresa Hunter, Assistant

Fourth Grade
Ann Ingraham, Teacher
Raphael Guzman & Jeanne Schirm, Assistants

Fifth Grade
Julie Meierding, Teacher
Jen Stevens, Assistant

Sixth Grade
Gila Mann, Teacher
Gayla Overmeer, Assistant

Seventh Grade
Heather Shepherd, Teacher
Laura Herman, Assistant

Eighth Grade

Leah Brosio, Teacher
Mark Escalera, Assistant

After School Program Coordinator
Denise Williges

Kindergarten Aftercare

Mimi Herschkowitz, Lead Teacher
Alicia Torre, Assistant

Grades Aftercare
Denise Williges, Lead Teacher
Malia Buckheit, Assistant
Jeanne Schirm, Assistant

Specialty Subject Teachers

Middle School Math
Krista Wigert

Rebekah Cantor
Aaron Draper

Meret Piderman

Jeanette Isenberg, Teacher
Mark Escalera, Assistant

Choir & Percussion
Rachel Steiner, Teacher
Mark Escalera, Teacher

Learning Support Team
Tanya Boone-Alva
Jane Waxman

Academic Coach Team
Laura Herman
Michelle Loftin
Basha Petraglia
Carrie Thompson

Resource Specialist
Karen Perry
Michelle Loftin & Laura Herman, Assistants

Nancy Cordova
Terri Sherseth

Michelle Fourre

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